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Commercial Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Systems for Businesses and Municipalities

Businesses and municipalities across Pennsylvania are discovering that solar and other renewable energy systems are not just good for the environment—they are good financial investments as well. Incentives, rebates, and paybacks associated with alternative energy systems ensure optimal returns on your investments. In addition, renewable energy systems provide you with energy independence, offering protection from utility rate hikes and increases.

Alternative energy sources include renewable electricity generation from the sun and wind and heating/cooling derived from the sun and geothermal. Envinity taylors renewable energy systems to your individual environment and needs. Ask us how installation of a renewable energy system for your business can qualify you for a 30% tax credit.



Solar Power

Solar Power, or photovoltaic (PV), is the conversion of the sun’s energy in electricity through solar panels.

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Solar Thermal

Solar water heaters convert the sun’s energy into heat and solar energy for heated water.

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Energy engineers will collaborate with your organization to design a renewable energy system that will maximize your return on investment.

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Geothermal pumps, also called ground-source heat pumps, use the Earth’s natural temperature to heat and cool a home or commercial building.

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Four Myths about Solar Energy in Pennsylvania


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